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Appendix D — General ATIP Process

Prepared by:
Audit Services Canada from Public Works and Government Services Canada

A flowchart of the General ATIP Process.  Details in text following the image

Prepared by Audit Services Canada

Day 1

  • Request received
  • Clarification sought if required
  • Acknowledgement sent
  • Request sent to OPI

Day 5

  • Provide search estimate if required
  • Retrieve records
  • Review records for sensitivities
  • Prepare exemption recommendations and rationale
  • Send records, recommendations and rationale to ATIP

Day 8 to 22

  • Review records, recommendations and rationale
  • Apply applicable exemptions and/or exclusions
  • Perform any necessary consultations
  • Apply any applicable extensions
  • Assess any necessary fees

Day 23 to 24

  • Approval by ATIP Coordinator

Day 24 to 26

  • Preparation of media lines if necessary

Day 26 to 28

  • Review by the Deputy Minister and/or Minister's Office

Day 28 to 29

  • Preparation of final response package

Day 30

  • Final response to requester
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