The New Veterans Charter Job Placement Program

About the New Veterans Charter

On May 13, 2005, Bill C-45, the Canadian Forces Members and Veterans Re-establishment and Compensation Act (The New Veterans Charter), received Royal Assent. The New Veterans Charter represents the most sweeping change to Veterans' benefits and services in the past 60 years and keeps pace with the needs of releasing Canadian Forces (CF) members and their families, while still providing services and benefits to help traditional war-service Veterans live with dignity and independence.

This Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) describes the Job Placement program under the New Veterans Charter. Canadian Forces Veterans convey that a quality job is one of the most important things they need to help them return to civilian life. The Job Placement Program will assist Regular Force members, as well as some members of the Reserves, get practical help finding a job. The program focuses on three (3) key services:

  • Job-Search Training
    Help to write a resume, identify transferable skills, give advice on what to do during a job interview, and seek out self-employment training
  • Career Counselling
    Help to develop a plan to enter the civilian work force, evaluate skills and experience, and complete a resume
  • Job-Finding Assistance
    Help to market the client for possible jobs and arrange job interviews

To apply for any of the services under this program, the client is required to submit personal information which may include member's name, mailing and/or residential address, service number, Military Occupation Classification, Rank and Unit. In addition, the applicant may be required to submit supporting documentation which may include release instructions, proof of service, proof of having lost employment, proof of earning reduction, and death certificate.

About the Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)

A Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) provides a framework to ensure that privacy is considered throughout the design or redesign of programs or services and identifies the extent to which proposals comply with all appropriate statutes.

Although this program is linked to some extent with three (3) other programs, the scope of this PIA is limited to the particulars of the Job Placement program under the New Veterans Charter.

The PIA reflects the program status as it existed December 19, 2006 and identifies six privacy-related issues, all considered to be low risk. To resolve these low-risk concerns, the following mitigation measures have been brought forward:

  • Additional awareness and training
  • Development of Information Management Accountability Framework
  • Addition of Information Management responsibilities into work descriptions of Regional Directors General and Director General of the National Operations Division of Veterans Affairs
  • Development of evaluation and performance measurement criteria
  • Addition of Information Management components to the responsibilities of the Quality Management Program
  • Update of program forms and the Treasury Board Secretariat Info Source publication to include the registered Personal Information Bank number.
  • Provision of advice to clients on inherent privacy risks involved with personal information maintained outside of Canada
  • Consistent management of information through its lifecycle in accordance with legislative and central agency requirements
  • Updated Threat and Risk Assessment following modifications of electronic records system
  • Information Management and Access to Information and Privacy involvement in contract preparation, input into framing of Statements of Requirements, and bid review

Mitigation strategies for all privacy-related issues are appropriate and in accordance with program management procedures.

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