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Life After Service study (2013)

  • The Life After Service Studies (LASS) is a comprehensive research program to understand the effects of the transition from military to civilian life on the health and well-being of Canadian Armed Forces Veterans. The 2013 studies build on the earlier studies conducted in 2010.
  • The results of these LASS studies help the Government of Canada ensure that Veterans and their families have the benefits and services they need to make a successful transition to civilian life.
  • The 2013 survey and income study were conducted in spring of 2013 by Statistics Canada on behalf of Veterans Affairs Canada and the Department of National Defence. Included were former Regular Force personnel who released between January 1998 and August 2012 and former Reserve Force personnel (Class A/B, Class C) who released between January 2003 and August 2012.

Transition-related responses

Regular Force Veterans Transition-related responses Reserve Class A/B Veterans
86% satisfied with life 94%
59% using military skills in civilian job 48%
56% had an easy adjustment to civilian life 74%
8% low income rate; lower than 15% rate for Canadians. 12%
7% unemployed;similar to Canadians. 6%
1 - 2% used Social Assistance or Guaranteed Income Supplement in any year post-release 2 - 3%
Within 8 years of release income exceeds pre-release income First year after release

Health-related responses

Regular Force Veterans Health-related responses Reserve Class A/B Veterans
92% had insurance for prescriptions 83%
84% reported good mental health 94%
82% reported good health 93%
81% have a family doctor 76%
23% found life stressful; lower than 25% rate for Canadians. 17%
17% daily smoker; lower than 20% rate for Canadians. 10%
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