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Mental health advisory group


  • Sapper (Retired) Aaron Bedard
  • Sergeant (Retired) Michael Blais, Canadian Veterans Advocacy
  • Dr. Karen Cohen, Canadian Psychological Association
  • Dave Gallson, Mood Disorders Society of Canada
  • Trevor Jenvenne, Royal Canadian Legion
  • Corporal (Retired) Victoria Jonas *
  • Captain (Retired) Tarik Kadri *
  • Dennis MacKenzie, Brave and Broken *
  • Ed Mantler, Mental Health Commission of Canada
  • Warrant Officer (Retired) Brian McKenna
  • Dr. Don Richardson, Canadian Psychiatric Association
  • Dr. Maya Roth *
  • Captain (Retired) Robert Thibeau, Aboriginal Veterans Autochtones
  • Dr Gail Wideman *

Canadian Armed Forces Representative

  • Colonel Helen Wright, Director of Mental Health Services, Canadian Armed Forces

* new member 2022

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Summary of Activity

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