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In April, 2001 Her Majesty the Queen approved the design of a special bar to be worn with decorations to be known as the Minister of Veterans Affairs Commendation.

The Governor General has issued a Warrant creating this award, and the governing policies call for it to be "...awarded to individuals who have performed commendable service to the Veteran community and /or individuals who represent commendable role models for their fellow Veterans." The Commendation is intended primarily for Veterans, but may be awarded to non-Veterans.

Insignia and Wear

The Commendation consists of a certificate, a lapel pin for civilian wear and a bar for wear with decorations. The design is a gold maple leaf resting on a red poppy—a flower long associated with the sacrifices of war—and the Royal Crown on the top of the pin.

A recipient may wear the Minister of Veterans Affairs Commendation bar on their blazer, formal wear, etc., on occasions appropriate for wearing medals. A recipient should wear the bar below their official decorations.

A recipient may wear the Commendation lapel pin on civilian dress at any time.

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