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Wes Cross
Montréal, Quebec

Honourable Julian Fantino, Senator Larry Smith, Wes Cross and Professor Chris Mulligan

Mr. Wes Cross and Professor Chris Mulligan were the architects and project leads for the McGill Remembers Project. They contributed to the development of the project with a goal to facilitate research access to this archival legacy. The McGill Remembers Project commemorates the men and women of the McGill community who served during the Second World War and recognizes McGill's institutional commitment to the war effort. The Project also recognizes McGill's participation in other conflict and peacekeeping operations. The first phase of the project began in 2005 when they established the McGill Remembers Roundtable in order to plan activities marking the 60th anniversary of the Second World War and Canada's year of the Veteran. The objective was to provide access to a sampling of War Records and the stories they tell. The second phase began in 2009, when the McGill University Archives started the digitilization of the McGill University War Records with the goal of making them available online. The digitilization was done largely by students under the McGill Work Study program. Today, this website continues to provide students with an indepth knowledge of the engagements of McGillians in the Second World War.

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