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Peter Scot Betcher
Nanaimo, British Columbia

For 20 years, Mr. Betcher worked with the Navy League Cadets and Royal Canadian Sea Cadets, in the Nanaimo area, attaining the rank of Commander with the Navy League of Canada. In these positions he supported the annual initiatives for the Navy League and Sea Cadets to attend annual Battle of the Atlantic and Remembrance Day ceremonies. He is the President of the Navy League of Canada, Vancouver Island Division. In addition to his Navy League service, he is mid-island chairperson on the Centennial Committee of the Royal Canadian Navy; secretary of the Nanaimo Chapter of the Royal Canadian Naval Association; Branch Executive Committee member of the Nanaimo Branch of St. John Ambulance; President of the United Services Institute of Nanaimo and North Island and was the vice-president of Branch 256 of the Royal Canadian Legion.  Mr. Betcher emcees annual Remembrance Day ceremonies and speaks at the Battle of the Atlantic ceremony, D-Day parades, and funeral services for Veterans. Mr. Betcher received the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal in recognition of his dedicated service.

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