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Dann Bouzide
Windsor, Ontario

Honourable Julian Fantino 
and Dann Bouzide

Mr. Bouzide is the President of the Windsor Historical Society - Veterans’ Memories Project. Established in 2002, its mission is to capture and record Veterans’ personal war and peacekeeping experiences to ensure understanding and appreciation for future generations. This personal commitment to remembrance, education and creating awareness among youth has led him to arrange for Veterans to share their personal stories and answer students’ questions at local high schools. In addition to organizing these visits, Mr. Bouzide arranges for the transportation and assists Veterans in preparing their speeches. He is currently working to have a DVD of their production, Take a Glimpse into the Eyes of History, available in every high school history class across Canada. In terms of other ongoing projects and activities, Mr. Bouzide organizes the Annual Veterans’ Appreciation Day Banquet. Taking place on November 11, the dinner, which is complimentary for Veterans, hosts a capacity crowd of 700. He also makes it possible for Veterans to travel to air shows, military musters, new memorials and drama productions of Veterans at war, by arranging transportation.

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