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Howard Anderson
Punnichy, Saskatchewan

Mr. Howard Anderson and Gisèle ToupinA First Nations Veteran of the Second World War from the Gordon Indian Reserve in Saskatchewan, Mr. Anderson has been a dedicated advocate on behalf of First Nations Veterans for many years.  Under his tenure as Grand Chief of the Saskatchewan First Nations Veterans Association (SFNVA), Mr. Anderson has worked tirelessly to gain recognition for the many First Nations who fought in the wars.  Together with Vice-Chief Perry Bellegarde, Mr. Anderson lobbied Senior Federal Officials to obtain compensation for First Nations Veterans and their spouses.  In February 2000, as a result of their efforts, federal Ministers agreed to establish a National Round Table on First Nations Veterans' Issues.  Grand Chief Anderson's compassion and great sense of humour combined with strong leadership skills paved the way for an agreement on Terms of Reference by November 2000, followed by an early agreement with the Federal Government.  On June 21, 2002, Grand Chiefs Anderson's efforts culminated with an offer from the Federal Government of $20,000 for each eligible First Nations Veteran and their surviving spouse. Mr. Anderson has been very active throughout his life in supporting and recognizing the contributions of First Nations Veterans and their families.
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