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Gail Angel
Ottawa, Ontario

The honorable Kent Hehr, Minister for Veterans Affairs, and Gail Angel

Mrs. Gail Angel is the granddaughter of a Hong Kong Veteran and a long-time member of the Hong Kong Veterans Commemorative Association (HKVCA). The HKVCA has a mandate of educating Canadians on the role our Veterans played in the Battle of Hong Kong and the effects the internment of the battle’s survivors had on both the Veterans and their families. In 2011, Mrs. Angel took on the role of project leader for the complete translation of the association’s educational program. This included the editing, updating and complete translation of the online "Teacher’s Zone." In 2012, Mrs. Angel accepted the role of national education coordinator and placed a priority on updating the content and delivery of the complete educational component. Mrs. Angel also began researching for new material by speaking with surviving Veterans and the families of Veterans, encouraging them to share their stories for publishing on the website. She also met with teachers to improve the present material for different age levels. On an annual basis, Mrs. Angel coordinates a national writing contest for middle school and high school students in which students choose a Hong Kong Veteran and write an essay about them. Mrs. Angel sends invitations to schools all across Canada; solicits a team of judges; and arranges the delivery of prizes and public recognition for the winners. In 2013, Mrs. Angel was elected to the Association’s Board of Directors and continues to explore further avenues to educate the public on the contributions of Canada’s Hong Kong Veterans. Mrs. Angel was elected President of the HKVCA effective September 1, 2016.

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