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Ian Moore
Kingston, Ontario

Mr. Ian Moore has been a dedicated volunteer with several local organizations including the Lion’s Club, the Knights of Columbus and United Way, and he has shown significant commitment to Veterans and commemorative activities in the Kingston area. Mr. Moore supports the Royal Canadian Legion and the City of Kingston and is a key organizer for multiple ceremonies at cemeteries in the area and with the City of Kingston’s service at the Cross of Sacrifice. He has ensured that tents are available at no cost for the Legion and the municipality in order to provide a shelter for Veterans in unfavourable weather, and works to ensure sound systems, transportation, and programs are available if needed. Along with his organizing role, Mr. Moore also works to ensure older Veterans in the area are empowered to attend services. Mr. Moore has been a loyal supporter and volunteer member of the Princess of Wales’ Own Regiment Association for approximately 10 years. In his efforts with the regimental association, he has supported and helped organize the city’s Remembrance Day service and the Vimy Parade by helping arrange for PA systems, programs and assisting less mobile Veterans.

Mr. Moore was instrumental in the kick off of a successful campaign to raise money for the restoration of Kingston’s Cross of Sacrifice: a cenotaph that marks the contribution and sacrifice of Kingston’s fallen men and women. Upon hearing of this project, Mr. Moore immediately motivated the Assembly of the Knights of Columbus to fundraise and prompted important media attention. He is also the caretaker of the Veterans’ Monument at St. Mary’s Cemetery in Kingston. As a Knights of Columbus Project Patriotic, he has beautified and held a ceremony, prior to Remembrance Day, to honour the 260 Veterans buried at St. Mary’s Cemetery, the original Catholic Cemetery in Kingston. He has also worked on the Veterans’ Wall at Glenhaven Memorial Gardens to honour our Veterans.

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