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David W. Palmer
Nepean, Ontario

Mr. David Palmer is a 20-year Veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces. His long-time involvement with the Royal Canadian Legion has clearly demonstrated his care for Veterans. He initiated and organized a special "Tribute to our Veterans" gala in 2001 to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Royal Canadian Legion and the 40th anniversary of the Bells Corners Branch. This was a highly successful event. Mr. Palmer is also an active volunteer with the annual Poppy Campaign. He has been on the campaign executive and helped to organize special events and fundraising routes. He is also one of the original members of the local Veterans Special Events Committee. In 2005, Mr. Palmer organized a "Year of the Veteran Gala" which was attended by over 500 Veterans. Mr. Palmer has been highly dedicated to ensuring that Veterans were getting what they needed. Upon realizing that many aging Veterans were having difficulty articulating their needs and submitting the appropriate paper work, he took it upon himself to identify those who needed assistance, reviewed their cases in detail and worked with them to ensure they received what they deserved. He has successfully secured both financial and VIP care for more than 24 Veterans and continues to work with many others.

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