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Rudolph (Rudi) Hoenson
Victoria, British Columbia

A Second World War Veteran from Holland, a nuclear blast survivor, a prisoner of war for three-and-a-half years, and a philanthropist, Mr. Rudolph “Rudi” Hoenson has spent part of his life giving back to charities that touch his heart. After seeing success with oil patch investments,   Mr. Hoenson has donated millions of dollars to hospitals in British Columbia, and he gave $1,172,000 to the care of Veterans at Broadmead Care facility in Victoria. Most recently, he held a $100,000 matching campaign. His kindness and his story inspired many community leaders, businesses and donors to contribute. The campaign was a success and a donation of $200,000 was given to Broadmead Care, three days before Christmas.

The donations given to Broadmead have improved the quality of life of patients and staff, enabling the facility to buy specialized equipment such as ceiling lifts to aid staff in helping Veterans get in and out of bed.

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