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Corporal (Retired) Clarence W. Grear CD
Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia

Corporal (Retired) Clarence Grear is a Veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces, having retired in 2003 after 16 years of service. He is nominated for his support to Veterans through his bait and tackle store, Lures for Vets.

He has used Lures for Vets as an opportunity to connect with Veterans and to engage in conversation in a non-judgmental environment. He has sent out, at his own cost, over 150 outreach packages to serving members, Veterans, and first responders that may have isolated themselves as they deal with mental health issues in an effort to encourage them to connect with nature. Lures for Vets has also partnered with other Veterans’ organizations, such as Rally Point Retreat and Vet II Vet Retreat.

He is currently developing a pilot program for Veterans & First Responders to go on fishing excursions in Nova Scotia, partnering with the Veterans Memorial Medical Centre Society, of which he is the Vice-President.

A portion of all sales from Lures for Vets is donated to Wounded Warriors Weekend Foundation (Nipawan SK), Rally Point Retreat (Sable River NS), & Veterans Memorial Medical Centre Society (Halifax NS).

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