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Master Corporal Giselle Drew
Edmonton, Alberta

Master Corporal Giselle Drew is a current serving member with the Loyal Edmonton Regiment, a Reserve Force infantry unit in Edmonton, Alberta. Master Corporal Drew is nominated for her excellent contributions to Wounded Warriors Canada.

Following a self-funded trip to Rwanda to work in a small clinic, her interest in the mental wellness of Veterans and first responders was reinforced through her own personal struggles. Originally, she sought to create a training program for physically wounded Veterans, but discovered Wounded Warriors Canada and decided she would focus on assisting this already establish organization. 

In 2014, she created the Edmonton Candlelight Gala in support of Wounded Warriors Canada. Despite an extremely busy personal schedule, the event was a huge success, with over 70 attendees and raising more than $12 000. The 2015 was an equally big success. She partnered with a fellow soldier to organize the 3rd Candlelight Gala, which took place on September 8, 2018. This time, the event raised over $50 000 in support of Wounded Warriors Canada and included high-profile individuals, like Jason Kenney as the keynote speaker.

Master Corporal Drew had multiple radio interviews to discuss the importance of mental health services and continues to actively speak for the health of Veterans on top of being a mother and contributing member of her unit.

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