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Master Corporal (Retired) Harold Francis Davis
Cobble Hill, British Columbia

Master Corporal (Retired) Harold Francis Davis is a Veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces. He is nominated for his service with the Persian Gulf Veterans of Canada, The Royal Canadian Legion and the Defender Motorcycle Club.

In 2016, Master Corporal Davis formed the Persian Gulf Veterans of Canada association, where he continues to serve as President. For the past five years, he has been tirelessly advocating, with great success, on behalf of Veterans of the Gulf War and their families who need help with their Veterans Affairs Canada applications.

On the commemoration side, he was a driving force behind the 25th anniversary of the Persian Gulf War event and was instrumental in organizing the Persian Gulf ceasefire events across Canada in 2016. He also volunteers to be a flag bearer or to fulfill the role of Sergeant-at-Arms at different events.

Master Corporal Davis has been a member of The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 134 in Malahat for the past nine years and serves as the South Vancouver Island zone contact. He has also assisted with the service officer position, using his networking contacts to help solve cases. For ten years, he escorted Veterans in Halifax’s Camp Hill Hospital on outings to The Royal Canadian Legion in Dartmouth just so they could get out for the day.  

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