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Janice Easton
Plainfield, Ontario

Janice Easton is nominated for her dedication to Quilts of Valour. She “has given tirelessly of her time, resources and talents to organize, support and work for Quilts of Valour Canada.” 

The mission of Quilts of Valour is “to ensure our injured Canadian Armed Forces members are recognized for their service and commitment to our country.” They do so by presenting handmade quilts to comfort Canadian Armed Forces members and Veterans. To date (January 29, 2020) 14,264 quilts have been presented by Quilts of Valour.

She has shown her dedication through serving as a representative and Vice President for 10 years. She worked alongside the president to create the “Regional Representatives’ Manual” to ensure consistency in quality. She organized groups, taught many how to quilt and personally presented hundreds of finished quilts to injured Veterans. Her commitment amounted to “hours each and every day she served this organization.”

Under her leadership, her group became the most prolific in Canada, setting the record for the most quilts created in one year. She created quilts using her own resources, worked at quilt shows, spoke at quilt guilds and even purchased a “long arm machine” to increase her capacity.

She retired from her position in December 2019, leaving behind an inspiring “tradition of excellence.”

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