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Sylvain Arbour CD
St-Gervais, Quebec

Sylvain Arbour is a Veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces, having retired in 2010 after 29 years of service. He is nominated for his service with The Royal Canadian Legion and the Association Vétérans Autochtones Québec.

As a member of Branch 265 in Quebec, he served as the Director of Membership, the Bar Manager, and was responsible for hall rentals. As Director of Membership, he maintained profiles of the more than 250 members and registered all new members.

In 2015, he joined Branch 12 in Lévis and became President. As President, he re-established relationships with the community, especially local politicians and the armoury, and formed partnerships to work with them during Veterans’ Week.

He was also the Director of the Poppy Campaign, ensuring he communicated with businesses where Veterans could “tag” (i.e. fundraise) as well as gather and count the funds raised for the campaign.

He has been a member of the “Association Vétérans Autochtones Québec” since 2011 and was responsible for the Kit Shop in 2013. He was also recently appointed Vice-President.

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