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Roland Cregheur
Les Cèdres, Quebec

Warrant Officer (Retired) Roland Cregheur is a Veteran of the RCMP and Military Police. He is nominated for his service with Veterans UN NATO Canada and for his creation of Le Café du Soldat.

Since his retirement, he has donated a significant amount of time to help homeless Veterans. Through his peer training group, he offers support, comfort and counselling to direct Veterans in need towards helpful assistance and resources.

WO Cregheur has been a volunteer with homeless Veterans at La Maison du Père since 2016. In partnership with La Maison du Père, he created “Le Café du Soldat” as a place for homeless Veterans to gather once a week to chat and receive any assistance they need. More than 20 Veterans have participated in the weekly meetings and almost a dozen were able to get off the streets.

Since 2016, he has taken responsibility for the annual Veterans UN NATO Canada Christmas supper held at La Maison du Père. Many volunteers from Veterans UN NATO Canada cook and serve the meal to those in need.

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