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Sheila Sparks
Jacksonville, New Brunswick

Sheila Sparks

Sheila Sparks was nominated for her dedication to ensuring that the grave markers of Veterans interred in local cemeteries are always in perfect condition.

On Canada Day 2020, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, she noticed that several grave markers in local cemeteries were in need of repair. She decided then and there to take on the task of bringing these markers back to mint condition. On that day, she brought home 18 crosses from her local cemetery and proceeded to pressure wash and paint them as necessary. She then replaced them and also placed a small Canadian flag on them.

Following this, she visited other local cemeteries and discovered more faded crosses and decided to refurbish these as well. She brought home 629 crosses from 32 cemeteries and she did it all on her own and at her own expense. At one cemetery, she also spent time cleaning the Veterans’ monument by removing the moss from the wording, scrubbing the stone and placing four Canadian flags and solar lights at each corner of the base of the monument.

She has also taken the time to help Veterans in her community by driving them to medical appointments and has helped them with errands to reduce their potential exposure to the virus during the pandemic.


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