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Peter Joseph Morel
Ottawa , Ontario

Peter Joseph Morel

Peter Joseph Morel is nominated for his dedication to the wellbeing of Veterans.

As a professional trainer, he promotes physical fitness as a tool towards physical and mental wellbeing for Veterans. Through his own social media channels, he raises awareness of PTSD and other health issues faced by Veterans who have returned home with mental and physical injuries.

He hosts seminars and volunteers to speak with Adaptive Fitness Specialists across the country to help them upgrade their skills, thus improving their abilities to treat Veterans. He can be found making presentations at local Royal Canadian Legion branches giving seminars on PTSD and its impacts on families.

He introduced the hand-cycle division in the annual Army Run, which has raised funds for the Soldier On and the Military Family Fund. He was a volunteer coach for Team Canada at the Invictus games in 2017 in Florida and helped train athletes for the Toronto games for free, at his fitness facility.

He trains ill and injured Veterans and designs individual training regimens often at no cost to the Veteran.

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