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Veterans may find transition to life after service to be one of their biggest life changes. Most transitioning Veterans are aged 40 years or younger. Many are not ready to retire. They want new, rewarding jobs or to take part in other meaningful activities. These jobs or activities give Veterans a sense of purpose and are a main contributor to well-being.

VAC’s vocational rehabilitation services may be just what you need to get started on a new career.

What is vocational rehabilitation?

If you have worked with a VAC case manager to create a rehabilitation plan, you have set a career goal. This goal takes into account any health challenges and the education, skills and experience you have gained in life. Now you are ready for vocational rehabilitation. This service gives you the skills development, education or training to build a new career.

How does it work?

You qualify for vocational rehabilitation if:

  • you have a health issue related to your service that keeps you from participating fully at work or at home, and
  • your rehabilitation plan includes starting a new career.

Our vocational rehabilitation professionals will work with you to identify a career path that is right for you. You may qualify for financial support for training costs such as tuition and books. You can also work with us to improve your resumé writing and interview skills.

What is the benefit?

Vocational rehabilitation enables you to continue to earn a living. Together, we will identify your skills and strengths so you can take advantage of them in the job market.

If your health condition keeps you from taking part in vocational rehabilitation and you have a spouse or common-law partner, they can also apply for vocational assistance. Survivors of members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) or Veterans whose deaths were related to service can apply as well.

How can I apply?

You can apply three ways:

  1. Use your My VAC Account. If you do not have an account, register now.
  2. Download and complete the application form. Drop it off at a VAC office or CAF Transition Centre, or mail it to the address on the form.
  3. Work with us to complete the form at any VAC office or CAF Transition Centre. You can also call us at 866-522-2122.

Get more information about VAC vocational rehabilitation and learn more about our Career Transition Services.

Date published: 2020-01-29

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