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Register for My VAC Account in two steps

Step 1

Choose a secure Sign-In method. You can choose to sign in with GCKey or with Sign-In Partner. Both of these options allow you to establish a My VAC Account username and password and can be used to access multiple Government of Canada services.

What’s the difference between Sign-In Partner and GCKey?

Sign-in Partner – This service allows you to sign in using your existing online banking username and password. When using sign-in Partner, NO personal or financial information is ever shared between VAC and your chosen Sign-In Partner.

TIP: If you use online banking, the Sign-In Partner option is quick and easy. You will not need to remember a new username and password.

If you do not do business with any of the Sign-in Partners, or if you prefer, you can sign in to My VAC Account using GCKey.

GCKey – This is a Government of Canada issued credential. You may have a GCKey already if you use other federal government online services. If you do not have a GCKey already, it’s easy to sign up.

Remember to always keep your username and password private so no one else can access your personal information.

For more information, see our Frequently Asked Questions.

Step 2

Link your VAC Account with your Sign-In.

IF you’ve done business with VAC before…

You will need to enter ONE of the following:

  • CAF service number or RCMP regimental number
  • VAC file number
  • VAC Health ID number
  • CSDN ID number

Where can I find these numbers?

  • Your VAC file number is in the top right corner of any decision letter you have received from VAC.
  • Your VAC Health ID number is found on your VAC Health Identification Card.
  • Your CSDN ID is on any forms you have received from VAC.

Then you will need to confirm your identity —there are three easy options to do this:

  1. Online - You will be asked to respond to five questions online, based on information you have given us in the past.
  2. Get a VAC enrollment code by -
    • Calling us at 1-866-522-2122 or
    • Visiting us in person
  3. Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) - You will be temporarily re-directed to the CRA website to either register for or log in to CRA My Account. If you need to register, it could take 5 to 10 business days.

OR, if you’re new to VAC…

You will be asked basic information about yourself, including your CAF service number or RCMP regimental number so our system can verify that your information is not already on file with us.

Note: If a file exists (even if it was created some time ago) the system will prompt you to contact us.

Once this step is complete, you can get started in My VAC Account!

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