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Evenings @ Government House: Hear from a then 10 year old messenger boy for the Dutch Resistance in the nazi-occupied Netherlands

Educational Event
December 1, 2020
19:00 - 20:30

George Zwaagstra will present on his experience as a 10 year old messenger boy for the Dutch resistance in the Nazi-occupied Netherlands.

Nazi occupation of the Netherlands lasted over 5 years. However, an organized resistance to the occupation working to undermine the Nazi campaign. George Zwaagstra, at the age of 10, became a messenger boy for the resistance. On May 5th 1945 after a months-long campaign by Allied forces largely comprised of soldiers from the First Canadian Army, the Nazi forces surrendered. Mr. Zwaagstra will speak about his experience in the Netherlands during the war and what it means to him and the Dutch people to be liberated by Canadians.

This event will be livestreamed on the Lieutenant Governor’s Facebook page at 7:00pm on 1 December 20 2020. Go to

Government House
1451 Barrington Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia


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