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Career Impact Allowance

This benefit has become the Additional Pain and Suffering Compensation.

A service-related illness or injury can have an impact on your ability to work. If you receive a disability benefit, you may qualify for the Career Impact Allowance. This is a taxable, month benefit — payable for life.

About this program

The Career Impact Allowance is a life-time benefit available when your career options have been limited because of a severe and permanent disability related to your service.

Through an individual assessment, we will assign you a grade-level based on the extent and seriousness of your impairment and the length of your service. Grade one refers to the most serious conditions.

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Do you qualify?

You should apply for the Career Impact Allowance if you have both:

  • experienced a severe and permanent disability for which you received a disability benefit, and
  • been approved to receive VAC rehabilitation services.

Your injury or illness is serious enough if you:

  • require permanent supervision,
  • are severely and permanently limited in mobility or self-care,
  • have a condition such as an amputation or a total and permanent loss of vision, hearing or speech, or
  • have a severe and permanent psychiatric condition.

How to apply

This benefit has become the Additional Pain and Suffering Compensation.

Additional information

Career Impact Allowance supplement

If you can no longer earn at least two-thirds of your pre-release salary you may qualify as having "diminished earning capacity". In this case, you should apply for the Career Impact Allowance Supplement. The supplement provides you an extra money each month.

You can ask for a diminished earning capacity assessment as you participate in Rehabilitation Services.

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Disability Benefits: Compensation for your service-related injury or illness.

Frequently asked questions

What are my options if I'm not satisfied with my decision?

If you are not satisfied with your decision, request a review in writing within 60 days after receiving your decision letter. Learn more about your review and appeal options.

Are there policies for this program?

Yes. Read more about the Career Impact Allowance policies.

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