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What is the VAC Drug Formulary?

All pharmaceutical products fall into one of three categories. They are:

Standard Benefits
These benefits include many over-the-counter and prescription drugs, plus medical devices, that are considered by VAC to represent "mainstay" therapies. About 80% of all drug benefits fall into this category and most bear a Drug Identification Number (DIN) assigned by Health Canada. All products on this formulary are readily accessible to eligible clients who have a prescription from their health professional authorized to prescribe pharmaceuticals.
Special Authorization (SA) Benefits
These benefits provide eligible clients with higher level or higher cost therapies approved by VAC as part of a managed health care approach. To access benefits on this formulary, clients will need a prescription and must be able to demonstrate a medical need that is most appropriately met with the requested therapy.
Non-formulary Products
These items are not considered to provide therapeutic value for most clients. Even so, VAC may approve these items on an exceptional basis provided the client has a medical need and can clearly demonstrate that the product offers specific and necessary therapeutic value in the most reasonable and medically appropriate fashion.
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