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Step 2 - What You Need to Apply

To receive a disability benefit you must:

  1. have a diagnosed medical condition or disability; and
  2. be able to show that the condition or disability is related to your service.

Your application must contain information that provides details of your disability and your service. Please make sure you have all the information listed below before submitting your application. This will help us review your application and get a decision to you as soon as possible. If we don't have all of this information, then the decision-making process will take longer.

Service relationship

To be eligible for a disability benefit, your service health records should contain sufficient evidence to show that your disability is related to your service.

Your completed application for disability benefits must contain the following:

  • A completed and signed Application form.
  • If applicable, your signed Consent for Veterans Affairs Canada to Collect Personal Information from Third Parties.
  • Medical information to support your application (including a current diagnosis of your condition):
    • If you are still serving, we will get this information from your service health records. If the information we need is not in your records, we will contact you.
    • If you are released, you must have your doctor or health care professional complete and sign the relevant medical questionnaire(s).
    • Please do not have a medical questionnaire completed until you have been provided with specific instructions regarding the questionnaire(s) required.
  • Service Information – If you are currently serving with the Canadian Armed Forces, include a copy of your Member Personnel Record Resume (MPRR).
  • If this is your first application to Veterans Affairs Canada, we will also need a "Proof of Identity" such as a copy of your driver's license.

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