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Disability award payment calculator

If you have been approved for a Disability Award of 5% or more, you have flexible payment options. You may choose to receive your Disability Award as a one-time, lump sum payment, in annual payments, or a combination of a lump sum/annual payments. This calculator can help you understand what your annual payments would be so you can make an informed decision.

If you received an additional payment as a result of the Disability Award increase that was implemented on April 1, 2017, this calculator does not apply. That payment is a one-time lump sum.


Decision Date

  • Amount of Award: Enter the amount of the approved Disability Award provided in the letter you received from Veterans Affairs Canada.
  • Minus Partial Payout: Enter the amount here that you would like to receive as a lump sum now, if you wish to take part of your Disability Award immediately and the balance in annual payments.
  • Decision Date: Enter the date of the Disability Award decision as noted in the letter you received from Veterans Affairs Canada or from the Veterans Review and Appeal Board.
  • Payments over: Enter the number of years you would like to receive annual payments.
  • Annual Payment Amount: The calculator will display the dollar amount of each annual payment (including interest) that would be produced using the criteria you have entered.
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No personal information is collected through this tool. This calculator is intended only for your use and the results obtained have no legal authority. No responsibility is accepted by, or on behalf of, the Government of Canada and their employees for the accuracy or completeness of any information provided through the use of this calculator.

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