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Frequently Asked Questions: Find benefits and services


We added a new tool on our website that will help people find and learn about our benefits and services more easily. The new tool is called Find benefits and services.

The new tool is the result of a partnership with the Canadian Digital Service. We partnered with them to find new ways to improve how Veterans find, access and learn about our benefits and services online. The partnership taught us how we can build and design better digital services for Veterans.

Q1. What is Find benefits and services?

It is a new tool on our website that makes it easier for you to find and learn about our benefits and services. It is a good place to start if you do not know what we can offer you and your family. All you have to do is answer a few simple questions and you will see a list of benefits that match your selections.

Q2. What is the difference between this and the Benefits Navigator?

Find benefits and services gives an overview of what is available for you and your family--without getting too technical or specific. Each benefit or service has a one-line description that makes it easy to understand so you can decide if it is something you want to learn more about.

The Benefits Navigator is a more in-depth online questionnaire that will identify more precisely which VAC programs and services you may be eligible to receive. The results include a brief explanation of each program, links to more information and, if available, a link to the application form.

If this is your first time learning about the benefits and services we offer, we suggest you start by using the Find benefits and services tool.

Q3. Is this going to replace the Benefits Navigator?

For now, you can still access Benefits Navigator from the menu bar on the website and in My VAC Account.

Using Find benefits and services

Q4. Why will I want to use this tool?

This new tool will help you quickly learn about our benefits and services, find which ones you are interested in, and confidently take the next steps to learn more about them and apply.

Q5. What else can I do?

You can:

  1. See examples of what each benefit can provide for you
  2. Edit your selections to view other benefits
  3. Use the search bar to refine what you are looking for
  4. Learn more about the benefit (details, eligibility, how to apply) on its web page
  5. See what next steps you can take, depending on your selections
  6. Print your results
  7. Share your results with others

Q6. What should I do next with my results?

Your next step is to learn more about each benefit or service you are interested in.

Directions: Click “Some examples of what this program may provide” on the benefit or service that you are interested in. After that, select “Learn more”. This will take you to its page on our website. Here, you will learn more about the program, if you qualify and the best way to apply (whether that’s online, in-person, or by mail).


Q7. How do I provide feedback or report something that isn’t working?

You can do this on Find benefits and services. Either fill out the feedback form at the bottom of the page OR you can “email us your feedback” at the top of the page.

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