Veterans know the price paid for our freedom and they want all Canadians to share in this understanding. They are passing the torch of remembrance to us, the people of Canada, to ensure that the memory of their efforts and sacrifices will not die with them, and that an appreciation of the values they fought for will live on in all Canadians.

South African War

Veterans Affairs Canada will host an event at Juno Beach in France on June 6, 2019 to mark the 75th Anniversary of D-Day and the Battle of Normandy. Registration is required for this event.
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Educators and students

Calendar of events

Events of interest to Veterans, Canada's military and the Canadian public.


A closer look at Canada's military history from the South African War to the present.

Medals and decorations

Information on medals and military decorations since Confederation.

Funding programs

Funding for projects that recognize traditional and modern-day Canadian Veterans and those who died in service.

Heroes Remember interviews

The personal recollections of ordinary Canadians who became heroes when confronted with extraordinary circumstances.


Memorials and war cemeteries in Canada and around the world that honour Canadians who have served.

Get involved

Explore different ways to remember and honour the sacrifices and achievements of those who served in uniform over the years.

Remembering those who served

Learn more about Canadians who served from the South African War to the present.


Canada remembers D-Day and the Battle of Normandy

On June 6 1944, Allied troops stormed the beaches of Normandy (France).

World Wars Commemoration

During the World Wars commemoration period (2014-2020), Canada is proudly recognizing those who bravely served and sacrificed on our behalf.

Canadian Virtual War Memorial

Canadians and Newfoundlanders who have given their lives serving Canada or the United Kingdom.

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