Extraordinary heroes...

Every day, we are part of the grandest story of all – life. Heroes Remember Interviews allows us to share in a special time in the lives of ordinary individuals, who became extraordinary when life took an unusual turn. Young men and women departed from their families and the safety of their homes because of their unyielding sense of duty and patriotism and, for many, to satisfy their curiosity and desire for adventure. Most of them were unaware of, and innocent to, the notion that their service would change their family history forever.

First-hand accounts of Canadian service men and women take us into the well-guarded and often private recesses of never-forgotten memories. Learn about events that helped to shape Canada as a nation, events which contributed to the formation of Canadian values and, most importantly, the personal encounters of Canada's brave young men and women with fate. They share emotional, sometimes incredibly funny, and always extremely interesting chronicles set in military action.

These recollections are mostly from wartime, although some have taken place in more modern-day conflicts. Either way, hear from Canadian citizens who reside in all areas of the country, and who represent the various nationalities that make up Canada. Witness history unfolding through the eyes of the private, the orderly, the officer, the military nurse, the seaman, the paratrooper and the young teenage boy fulfilling a family legacy by following in his father's footsteps. Learn about contributions made by Canadians in the South African War in the late 19th Century, through two world wars, the Korean War, and afterwards.

To learn of wars and conflicts through genuinely presented material is informative, but to also learn about the laughter, the tears and the friendships that were formed during that particular period is inspirational.

Take a moment to glimpse into the lives of those Canadians who felt compelled to divulge their occasionally painful memories so that their fallen comrades may be remembered forever. Help carry on their memories, so that those who perished in war did not do so in vain. Veterans often say that they are more afraid of being forgotten than they are of death. Remember veterans by visiting the Heroes Remember Web site. Relive personal stories, listen to opinions expressed by valiant men and women, then share with others what you have learned so that stories from these Canadian heroes can live on forever.

We hope you will share your experience with others so Canada's rich oral history will never be lost.

Lest we forget.

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