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Follow in their Footsteps: Canada’s Hundred Days

After the First World War, four battlefield memorials were built in France and Belgium to commemorate Canada and Newfoundland’s accomplishments, contributions and sacrifices during the Last Hundred Days.

As memorials to the missing, the Canadian National Vimy Memorial and the Beaumont-Hamel Newfoundland Memorial include the names of those who fell during this period with no known grave.

Le Quesnel Canadian Memorial

Follow in their Footsteps

Visit Canadian and Newfoundland #Canadas100days memorials in France and Belgium to pay tribute to the fallen and learn about history in the places where it happened!

You can create your own itinerary or follow our recommended route. To make sure you have lots of time to visit the memorials and explore surrounding communities, we recommend dividing this trip over two days.

Download a printable version of the Canada’s Hundred Days Map to guide you on your journey.

Day 1

(app. 1.5 hours total driving time)

Canadian National Vimy Memorial
Chemin des Canadiens (Route D55)
62580 Givenchy-en-Gohelle
GPS: N50.379444, E2.773611

Dury Canadian Memorial
Route D939
62182 Dury
GPS:  N50.234167, E2.996944

Bourlon Wood Canadian Memorial
Avenue du Bois
62869 Bourlon
GPS:  N50.173475, E3.119206

Day 2

(app. 2.5 hours total driving time)

Beaumont-Hamel Newfoundland Memorial
Rue de l'église (route D73)
80300 Auchonvillers
GPS: N50.073611, E2.648056

Le Quesnel Canadian Memorial
Route D934
80134 Le Quesnel
GPS:  N49.774722, E2.609444

Courtrai Newfoundland Memorial
Gentsesteenweg 113-151
8500 Kortrijk (Courtrai)
GPS:  N50.838752, E3.28517

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