Canadian Operations – June and July 1951

From June 2 to 18, 1951, the 25th Brigade remained in reserve south of the Imjin-Hantan junction. At this junction the Imjin River swings sharply southwest creating a deep salient in no man's land. Control of this salient was vital since the tip lay close to the supply route from Seoul through Uijongbu to the Chorwon area. During June the United Nations Command dominated the area by strenuous patrolling. Later in the year operations would be carried out to remove the salient.

Almost immediately after rejoining the 25th Brigade the 2nd PPCLI was again attached to the 28th Commonwealth Brigade and was assigned the task of establishing and holding a patrol base in the tip of the salient. Patrol bases were defended areas of battalion or brigade size set up in no man's land at various distances ahead of the forward defended localities. From these bases troops could maintain vigilance over the area and probe deeply into the heights beyond. On June 6 the Patricias set up their base. They held it until June 11 when they were relieved by the Royal 22e Régiment.

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