Patrolling at Chorwon

By mid-June the Eighth US Army had broadened its salient on the east coast and advanced about 16 kilometres up the centre of the peninsula. This line was to remain substantially the same until the end of the war.

The Canadian brigade took over a 6,900 metre front extending southwest from Chorwon. To the northeast stretched the Chorwon Plain; to the front was a network of hills and narrow valleys. Here, in the weeks that followed, the troops were employed in raids and patrols. The Canadian position was a vulnerable one. The valleys and gullies provided easy access for enemy infiltration, and the troops had to be constantly on the alert.

The first of the series of large-scale patrols on the brigade front was carried out on June 21. The patrol was composed of infantry from the Royal Canadian Regiment and tanks of Lord Strathcona's Horse supported by field artillery of the RCHA and a tactical air control party. A firm base was established near Chungmasan and the artillery was deployed there while the remaining elements of the patrol continued forward. When an air observation plane reported the enemy in strength on a nearby hill, the patrol called for an air strike on the position. It then withdrew to the brigade area. Subsequent patrols, in the main, followed a similar pattern and achieved much the same results.

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