The First Rotation: October - November 1951

During October and November 1951, the first rotation of Canadian troops was accomplished. The 1st Battalion PPCLI, under the command of Lieutenant-Colonel N.G. Wilson-Smith, replaced the 2nd Battalion PPCLI in gradual stages to allow for the orientation of inexperienced troops.

One company of the Patricias had a taste of action almost two weeks before the unit officially entered the line. The occasion was Operation Pepperpot, the Canadian share in a number of raids on certain known enemy positions by the 1st Commonwealth Division. The purpose was to inflict damage and casualties on the enemy and at the same time to obtain information regarding its layout. For these operations, which began on October 23, the Canadian brigade provided one company from each battalion. Hill 166, the main objective of the Canadians, was assigned to the Royal 22e Régiment's company, while supplementary objectives, Hill 156 and an unnamed feature in between the two were assigned to "A" Company of the 1st PPCLI and to the RCR respectively. The Royal Canadian Regiment and the Patricias reached their objectives in the face of relatively light opposition, but the Royal 22e was stopped short of its goal by heavy machine-gun fire. The operation cost the Canadians. The operation cost the Canadians as five soldiers were killed. and 21 wounded; the enemy lost 37 known dead, and as many more believed killed or wounded.

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