Rotation 1953

The beginning of the Katcom program coincided roughly with the division's return to the front and with the second large rotation of Canadian units. The units which took over included: the third battalions of the Royal Canadian Regiment and the Royal 22e Régiment, "A" Squadron Lord Strathcona's Horse, 81st Field Regiment RCA, 59th Independent Field Squadron RCE, and service units.

On April 6, 1953, the Commonwealth Division returned to the line in positions on Hill 355 and across the Sami-chon River to the Hook. The 25th Brigade, now under the Command of Brigadier J.V. Allard, was in the central sector. This was to be the last period of front line duty of the Korean war. Although the final months of the campaign were far from quiet, only one strong attack came against the 25th Brigade. On the night of April 19, the 3rd RCR came into line for the first time on the southern Hill 187. The position resembled a great hand with Hill 187 forming the base of the thumb from which finger-like ridges ran westward. The Commanding Officer immediately set about to improve defences and to increase patrolling in no man's land where the enemy had taken the initiative. While enemy patrolling and shelling had increased in the area, there was no real warning of the attack that was to fall in force on "C" Company positions.

On the night of May 2-3 an "A" Company patrol moved through "C" position at 8:30 p.m. intent on ambushing any enemy patrols which came into the area. Two hours later the patrol suddenly came under enemy attack. The patrol leader was killed and half of his men were either killed or wounded. The remainder were ordered to withdraw. A "C" Company platoon was dispatched to engage the enemy. A forward section of this platoon also soon found itself in a losing fight and struggled to withdraw. At midnight the enemy put down a heavy bombardment and followed it with an infantry assault. Intensive artillery fire was then called down against this attack; at half past one the enemy began to withdraw; the Canadians re-occupied their positions.

The remaining 12 weeks of the war were relatively uneventful for the Canadian infantry, although the gunners had a busy time.

Fighting in Korea finally came to an end when the Korea Armistice Agreement was signed at Panmunjom on July 27, 1953.

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