Prohibited and authorized items

Prohibited items

Plastic bottles with a capacity over 1L, glass bottles, cans, flasks and thermos, spray cans, alcoholic drinks, narcotics
Accessories and valuables
Bags and suitcases with a capacity over 15L, helmets, laptop computers, cameras with zooms over 10 cm, video cameras over 10 cm, drones
Demonstration items
foghorns, flags bigger than 20 X 30, banners, leaflets and posters, megaphones, drums, confettis
Equipment objects
sharp items, pointed items, tools, batteries, safety boots, bicycles
Weapons and dangerous items
pyrotechnics, explosives, explosive and flammable substances, weapons of any kind (even fake)

Authorized items

Food and drinks
non-alcoholic drinks in small plastic bottles with a capacity under 1L, non-alcoholic drinks in plastic beakers, food
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