Major David Currie, Victoria Cross Recipient - Backgrounder

Major David Vivian Currie was born in Sutherland, Saskatchewan, on July 8, 1912, and joined a militia unit based in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, as a young man.

Major Currie was an officer with the 29th Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment (The South Alberta Regiment) in the Battle of Normandy. During the fierce fighting at the Falaise Pocket, he led a small force of tanks, infantry and anti-tank guns in attacking the small French village of St. Lambert-sur-Dive. The brave actions of Major Currie and his men on August 18, 1944, helped block the retreating German forces from escaping encirclement from the Allied forces as the Canadians secured the village and withstood heavy counterattacks for 36 hours. The toll they took on the enemy was heavy, as they killed or wounded 800 German soldiers and captured 2,100 more.

Major David Currie would be awarded the Victoria Cross for his brave actions during the Battle of Normandy and would later serve as the Sergeant at Arms in the House of Commons. He died in Ottawa, on June 24, 1986.

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