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'We Will Remember' Learning Stations Activity (Ages 8-11)

Set up four learning stations in the room. This can be done by grouping desks, chairs and tables together. Click on the links below for the detailed instruction sheets for each station:

Seat students at different "remembrance stations" and have each group create a symbol to remember those who served in the First World War. Walk around to answer any questions and distribute poster paper and markers to each station.

  • Members of the Architects' Corner will create a physical reminder of remembrance of the First World War. They will design a memorial or monument on poster paper.
  • Members of the Writers' Circle will use words to promote remembrance. They will write an acrostic poem about Canada's First World War Veterans.
  • Members of the Viewing Gallery will use art and events such as Remembrance Day ceremonies, movies and art to promote remembrance. They will create their own visual tool of remembrance—whether it is a skit or a poster.
  • Members of the Symbol Station will learn about symbols of remembrance such as pins, wreaths, poppies, Izzy Dolls and peace cranes. They will create their own poster of remembrance using these symbols.


When groups have completed their symbols of remembrance, have them present them to the whole group. When all groups have shared their work, display what they have created in your room or the hallway.

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