"Expert Groups" Poster Activity

Divide the class into six “expert” groups: Dogs, Pigeons, Bears, Horses, Cats, and Elephants or each group could be named after one of the Remembrance Club characters: Gandy, Squeaker, Bonfire Jr., Simone, Win or Ellie.

Provide each group with a copy (electronic or printed) of the Tales of Animals in War poster, and any other resources about animals in war you wish to share, such as the current and past editions of Tales of Animals in War. Ask the students in their groups to look at these resources to learn about their specific animal. They should gather enough information to prepare a poster about their animal in war.

When research is complete, provide the students with materials for creating their own poster or collage (one poster per animal group). Tell the groups that the poster should contain information such as:

  • the animal and its characteristics
  • drawing(s) of that animal at work
  • information about how the animal worked in war/peace (poem, paragraph, etc.)

When the posters have been completed, ask each group to share their poster with the class.

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