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I just applied. Should I get my travel and work documents ready now (i.e., student work visa, international driver’s licence, etc.)?

No. You must wait until you receive a job offer as a student guide before starting to gather any documents required to meet the conditions of employment.

I applied but didn’t get a job offer. Can I apply again?

Absolutely! You may re-apply as long as you meet the criteria for the Federal Student Work Experience Program

Why must guides be bilingual and able to speak English and French well?

Guides regularly present technical and complex historical information in both English and French to groups of up to 50 people, so your ability to communicate well in both languages is a key requirement for the job. As a guide, you must provide clear, detailed descriptions on various complex topics, summarize a discussion, and express and support your opinions and ideas in both official languages.

How will I be tested for my language ability?

At the beginning of your interview, you will have a brief, informal conversation in your second language to assess your comfort level in speaking on topics unrelated to the job.

Why must guides have an unrestricted driver’s license for this job?

Student guides will have a Government of Canada vehicle to use for work-related travel. As you will take turns driving the vehicles, you need an unrestricted licence, which allows you to drive up to eight passengers without any time of day limitations.

Will Veterans Affairs Canada help me get my work visa?

Yes. If you are offered a job, Veterans Affairs Canada will provide you with details on how to apply for a work visa from the appropriate French Consulate for the province where you live.

Will Veterans Affairs Canada make my travel arrangements?

No. If you are offered a job, you must arrange your flight and ground transportation to and from your home and Arras, France. Guides who successfully finish their work term may be eligible for up to CAD $800 reimbursement of their travel costs.

This experience opened my eyes to what it means to be Canadian.  Working here is an incredible privilege - lest we forget - Graham

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