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Newfoundland Volunteer Service Medal.  A circular bronze medal (36 mm diameter).

Newfoundland Volunteer Service Medal


Campaign Stars and Medals (1939-1954)

Newfoundland Volunteer Service Medal


The Newfoundland Volunteer Service Medal is a Second World War medal. The medal was created on 14 July 1981 for service between 3 September 1939 and 2 September 1945.

Eligibility and criteria

The government of Newfoundland and Labrador shall award a medal to every person:

  1. who volunteered and served in units or organizations raised or maintained as the contribution of the Dominion of Newfoundland to the allied war effort, namely, the British Imperial Forces, the Newfoundland Overseas Forestry Unit, the Merchant Navy and the Newfoundland Regiment, or, a unit or organization prescribed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council; and
  2. who is ineligible for or has not received a volunteer war service medal from another country.


A circular bronze medal 1.42 inches in width. Mounting includes a single claw with a single-curl mount.

The obverse has the legend NEWFOUNDLAND VOLUNTEER SERVICE MEDAL 1939-45 around the edge. Filling the centre is a large GVIR surmounted by a Royal Crown and a Newfoundland Caribou.

The reverse depicts Britannia standing with a spear in her right hand and the sun's rays behind her. Two lions encircle each side with their heads towards the bottom.

The ribbon is 1.42 inches wide and consists of seven coloured stripes: red, white, blue, maroon centre stripe, blue, white, and red.

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