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Merchant Navy - First World War

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Memorial Chamber of the Peace Tower

This page is displayed in the Memorial Chamber of the Peace Tower in Ottawa on the following days:

  • January 18
  • June 17

About the names on this page

For more information about the individuals listed on this page, click on their names below to take you to their corresponding page in the Canadian Virtual War Memorial.

  1. 1st Salon Steward
    Echevarri, Alfred
    Royal Edward
    13 August 1915

  2. 2nd Mate
    Farrow, James Graham
    Port Dalhousie
    19 March 1916

  3. N/A
    Eavis, Thomas
    Douglas Haig
    1 February 1917

  4. Fireman
    Erball, Felix
    12 December 1917

  5. Chief Cook
    Falzon, Jean Baptiste
    12 December 1917

  6. N/A
    Evans, Hubert
    W.C. McKay
    10 January 1918

  7. Able-Bodied Seaman
    Fagnant, O.
    19 February 1918

  8. N/A
    Evans, John
    Elsie Burdette
    30 March 1918

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