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In the Service of Canada (1947 – 2014)

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Memorial Chamber of the Peace Tower

This page is displayed in the Memorial Chamber of the Peace Tower in Ottawa on the following days:

  • February 9
  • July 7
  • July 8

About the names on this page

For more information about the individuals listed on this page, click on their names below to take you to their corresponding page in the Canadian Virtual War Memorial.

  1. Flight Lieutenant
    Atherton, Donald Howills
    RCAF Station Chatham
    15 May 1956

  2. Flying Officer
    Gilhuly, Ian Keith
    RCAF Station Trenton
    23 May 1956

  3. Flying Officer
    Mulligan, Robert Desmond
    No. 4 Advanced Flying School
    27 September 1956

  4. Leading Aircraftman
    Bollong, Clayton William
    RCAF Station Goose Bay
    30 October 1956

  5. Flying Officer
    Varey, Robert Alvin
    411 "County of York" (Fighter) Squadron
    3 November 1956

  6. Flying Officer
    Ollenberger, Lawrence Harvey
    423 All Weather Fighter Squadron
    4 December 1956

  7. Flight Lieutenant
    Konrad, Frank
    422 (Fighter) Squadron
    10 December 1956

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