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Canadians buried in Brookwood Cemetery:

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Name Date of Birth Date of Death
Anderson, William Robert 1940 1956
Bedard, Joseph Jean Raymond 1953
Bourret, Pierre Serge 1969
Burditt, M. T. 1948
Campbell, Hugh R. 1983
Chappell, Philip E. 1954
Choules, V. 1968
Cross, Ewart Campbell 1898 1950
Dubois, Richard A. J. 1955
Fisken, Sidney Ford 1959
Galloway, Nelson Murray 1969
Gibson, Mary Cameron 1906 1964
Gibson, Alan 1938 1987
Goodman, B. E. 1922 1967
Hampton, Cd, R. B. 1957
Hardy, Michael Alan 1969
Holtby, Harold Robert 1955
Hutchinson, H. M. 1982
Hutchinson, Mary Theresa 1994
Jenkins, George Russell 1966
Jones, William Forster 1965
Kerr, Joseph Austin Leslie 1952
Malkin, W. J. 1971
McDermott, Patrick John 1912 1988
McMullen, Melvell Mathew 1967

Brookwood Cemetery

Brookwood Military Cemetery is owned by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and is the largest Commonwealth war cemetery in the United Kingdom, covering some 37 acres and containing over 5,000 Commonwealth burials. Surrounding it is Brookwood Cemetery, which is privately owned, and was opened in 1854 when it was consecrated by the Bishop of Winchester. The aim was to provide burial space for the London boroughs since their churchyards were full and there was a problem in acquiring land for new cemeteries. It is now the United Kingdom's largest burial ground with nearly 240,000 people buried there. In 1917, an area of land in this cemetery was set aside for the burial of men and women of the forces of the Commonwealth as well as Americans who had died, many of battle wounds, in the London district. This was further extended to accommodate the graves of Commonwealth casualties of the Second World War including our Allies.

There are also two plots - one British, one Canadian - of post-war service burials within the Military Cemetery which are maintained by the Commission. The Canadian Section is the last resting place of 41 service members and dependants.

Brookwood Cemetery is situated 3 miles west of Woking on the A324 towards Pirbright.

From the Commonwealth War Graves Commission
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