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Canadians buried in Arnsberg Cemetery:

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Lahaye, Marc 1955

Arnsberg Cemetery

Canada has played an integral role in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) since its inception on 4 April 1949. Canada's commitment to NATO resulted in the stationing of a brigade group in Germany. Although the Canadian Forces had been in Germany for some time, in 1953, with the establishment of new camps, wives and children were allowed to join their husbands and fathers. The camps were located in eight Forts:
    Fort Prince of Wales and Fort Henry in the Hemer Area;
    Fort Chambly in the Soest Area;
    Fort Henry and Fort York in the Soest-Stockum Area; and
    Fort St Louis, Fort Anne and Fort Victoria in the Werl Area

Service members and their families posted to Werl often made their homes in surrounding towns and villages. Arnsberg, or the former section of Arnsberg called Neheim, was no exception. It is located several kilometres south of Werl.

While his father was serving in Werl, Marc Lahaye died and was buried in the Neheim cemetery. Unfortunately over the years, the grave was lost.

Canada negotiated a 50-year maintenance agreement and installed a Memorial Cairn bearing Marc Lahaye’s name at the cemetery in Neheim.

A dedication ceremony was held in 2003.

Background Information on these sites has been extracted from: the Pinetree Line Web Site; the 2 (F) Wing RCAF Grostenquin, France Information Booklet (1957); publication 4 CMBG Canada's NATO Brigade, 1983, Moritz Schauenburg Gmbh & Co. KG.

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