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Canadians buried in Iserlohn Cemetery:

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Name Date of Birth Date of Death
Bienvenue, Joseph Gerard 1962 1962
Grossek, Karin Monika 1940 1970
Hamilton, Joan Isabel 1955 1955
McGinnis, Elaine 1955 1955

Iserlohn Cemetery

Canada has played an integral role in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization NATO since its inception on 4 April 1949 Canada's commitment to NATO resulted in the stationing of a brigade group in Germany Although the Canadian Forces had been in Germany for some time in 1953 with the establishment of new camps wives and children were allowed to join their husbands and fathers The camps were located in eight Forts

Fort Prince of Wales and Fort MacLeod in the Deilinghofen Area

Fort Chambly in the Soest Area

Fort Henry and Fort York in the Soest-Stockum Area and

Fort St Louis Fort Anne and Fort Victoria in the Werl Area

BMH Iserlohn Fort Beausejour and Fort QuAppelle in the Iserlohn Area

Iserlohn is a city located close to Fort Beausejour and Fort QuAppelle Service members and their families often made their homes in surrounding areas

Unlike most of North America cemetery plots in Europe are not acquired in perpetuity but for a specific time Two children Joan Hamilton and Elaine McGinnis had been buried in the Iserlohn Municipal Cemetery One dependant wife Karin Grossek was also buried in Iserlohn however her grave had never been marked

Canada negotiated a 50-year lease with the City of Iserlohn to maintain a Memorial Cairn with the names of the children whose graves had been lost A grave marker was installed at the grave of Karin Grossek Dedication ceremonies took place in 2003

Background Information on these sites has been extracted from the Pinetree Line Web Site the 2 F Wing RCAF Grostenquin France Information Booklet 1957 publication 4 CMBG Canada's NATO Brigade 1983 Moritz Schauenburg Gmbh Co KG

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