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Canadians buried in Metz Cemetery:

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Name Date of Birth Date of Death
Atkinson, Augusta 1963
Buteau, Marianne 1956
Dupont, Marc 1956
Kelly, Kimberly Ann 1960
Lanouette, Charles Richard 1959
MacDonald, Kathleen Joan 1960 1960
Pauls, Keith Albert 1957 1957
Pelletier, Allan Joseph 1957 1958
Reich, Joseph Brian William 1957

Metz Cemetery

General view North Luffenham Village Cemetery

Canada has played an integral role in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) since its inception on 4 April 1949. Canada's commitment to have four fighter wings in Europe resulted in the creation of the 1 Canadian Air Division with its Headquarters in Metz, France and the following Wings located in France and Germany:

    1 (F) Wing at Marville, France;
    2 (F) Wing at Grostenquin, France;
    3 (F) Wing at Zweibrücken, Germany; and
    4 (F) Wing at Baden-Söllingen, Germany.

Logistical support for the Division was provided by 30 AMB in Langar, England.

As the Headquarters location of the 1 Canadian Air Division, many service members and their families lived in and around the City of Metz. There were several burials of Canadians at a Metz cemetery called “Cimetière de l’Est”. Over time, however, the graves were lost.

Canada negotiated with the City of Metz to install a Memorial Cairn in the Cimetière de l’Est and to provide for its maintenance for the next 50 years.

The names of the children who were buried in the cemetery as well as others whose graves were lost elsewhere, were inscribed on the Memorial Cairn. A dedication ceremony was held in 2003.

Background Information on these sites has been extracted from: the Pinetree Line Web Site; the 2 (F) Wing RCAF Grostenquin, France Information Booklet (1957); publication 4 CMBG Canada's NATO Brigade, 1983, Moritz Schauenburg Gmbh & Co. KG.

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