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Canadians buried in Zweibrücken Cemetery:

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Name Date of Birth Date of Death
Alcock, William David 1958 1958
Alstad, Baby 1960 1960
Arnold, Joseph Michael 1962 1962
Baiden, Carl Sullivan 1959 1959
Baker, Deborah Anne 1958 1958
Barker, David James 1961 1961
Beauregard, Marco 1969
Biggar, Lyle Carl 1958 1958
Bonikowsky, Robert Arthur 1959 1959
Bourgeois, France Marie 1964 1964
Boyce, Roland Ludwig 1959 1959
Bradshaw, Nicole Marie 1963 1963
Brown, Baby 1959 1959
Brown, William Dale 1961 1961
Brymer, Infant Boy 1967
Burridge, John Peter 1960 1960
Capstick, Terry 1956 1957
Caron, Robert Joseph 1959 1959
Carscallen, Nancy Myles 1955 1959
Cavett, David Lewis 1955 1955
Charron, Ross Lavin 1958 1958
Clark, Debra Anne Marie 1960 1961
Clarke, David Ward 1960
Clowater, Cecil J. A. 1958 1958
Clowater, Bruce Edward 1959 1959

Zweibrücken Cemetery

Canada has played an integral role in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) since its inception on 4 April 1949. Canada's commitment to have four fighter wings in Europe resulted in the creation of the 1 Canadian Air Division with its Headquarters in Metz, France and the following Wings located in France and Germany:

- 1 (F) Wing at Marville, France;
- 2 (F) Wing at Grostenquin, France;
- 3 (F) Wing at Zweibrücken, Germany; and
- 4 (F) Wing at Baden-Söllingen, Germany.

Logistical support for the Division was provided by 30 AMB in Langar, England.

Zweibrücken is located in Germany and was the home of 3(F) Wing from 1953 to 1967. During that time 146 Canadian wives and children were laid to rest in the Zweibrücken Central Cemetery. Unlike most of North America, in most locations in Europe plots are not acquired in perpetuity but rather for a specific period of time, normally 20 to 25 years, after which the grave marker is removed and eventually the plot is reused. Fortunately, the Department of National Defence entered into formal lease arrangements with the City of Zweibrücken and the two sections where Canadians rest have been preserved.

The lease, which has been renewed for an additional fifty years was subject to the condition that Canada would carry out significant work to the existing gravemarkers. All work, including the erection of 2 Memorial Cairns was carried out during the summer of 2002.

Background Information on these sites has been extracted from: the Pinetree Line Web Site; the 2 (F) Wing RCAF Grostenquin, France Information Booklet (1957); publication 4 CMBG Canada's NATO Brigade, 1983, Moritz Schauenburg Gmbh & Co. KG.

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