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Canadians buried in Lossiemouth Cemetery:

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Carter, George Alan 1948

Lossiemouth Cemetery

Photo by David Davey

In the years following World War II, many Canadian military members served with units of the British Military. As was the situation with the Canadians serving in continental Europe, there were deaths among its members - many from training accidents. The Canadian military members were buried in cemeteries throughout the United Kingdom, generally close to where they died.

Lossiemouth, in the Scottish county of Moray is a seaport town and coastguard station and is located five miles due north of the town of Elgin. There being a Royal Air Force Station in Lossiemouth during World War II, a military section was established in the burial ground.

Lossiemouth is the resting place of Lt. George Alan Carter of the Royal Canadian Navy who died in 1948. Lt. Carter was a resident of Victoria, BC.

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